Verify Across Supply Chains

Above connects and automates within and across suppliers while carrying verifiable information along the way to protect you and your customers.

Blockchain Protection

End-to-end Visibility

Collect and analyze data across the supply chain.

Real-time Data Spaces

Verifiable Operations

Use workflows to securely connect and streamline operations.

Secure sovereignty over data

Secure Contracts and Digital Signatures

Automate with digital contracts and secure identities and operations.

Secure Connections Throughout

Secure supply chain automation that enables real-time communication and coordination between supply chains, their managers and suppliers.

Above’s software empowers your sensor data to ensure informed and verifiable decisions in your operations from end-to-end. Above provides a resilient supply chain solutions that can withstand disruptions and minimize the impact of unexpected events.

Real-time, distributed services

Orchestrate with your Partner Ecosystem

Above Robotics offers a solution to the interoperability challenge by connecting companies, disparate supply chain management systems, and the people and transport systems involved; leading to better visibility and decision-making.

Use Cases

Chains of Custody

Robotic SDK


Proof of Deliveries

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