Charting the path to
connected autonomy.

Above’s decentralized ecosystem connects and coordinates the virtual and physical world in real-time, secure, transactional environments.

Discover the full potential
of distributed automation

Secure, decentralized autonomy 

Bridge the divide between systems and businesses with real-time collaboration and blockchain technology.

Today, robotic systems are built for standalone tasks and often operate in siloed environments.

Above is building the next generation of automation with inter-robot communication, real-time orchestration and secure blockchain technology – unlocking trustless interactions between people, vehicles, drones, and autonomous systems.


Driven by digital twins. Above enables inter-robot automation by connecting decentralized digital twins to real-time environments.

Orchestrate the most complex, cooperative tasks

Improve efficiency and profitability of operations with decentralized workflows and orchestration services. Blockchain bound real-time services optimize operations and help people engage in open tasking and teamwork ecosystems.



and secure environments

Leverage the blockchain to streamline collaborative workflows and data exchange across systems and users.

Above utilizes digital twins of users, assets and workflows to configure efficient, real-time operations. Enable auditable workflows protected by consensus to secure and streamline operations on an interoperable network.

State machine replication

State machine replication

Protects against malicious attacks, single endpoint failures, and outlier decision making, all while securing sovereignty with fault tolerant state machines.

Real-time services

Real-time services

Facilitates work in task-specific, isolated environments with high-throughput and secure communications.

Proof of efficiency

Proof of efficiency

Increases utilization and optimizes existing operations with mixed fleets of manned and unmanned systems.

Flexible and intelligent networks

Streamline business operations without up-front investment infrastructure and expertise. Increase asset utilization and efficiency using intelligent planning and scheduling in audited safe environments


Stack automation solutions on a        Smart Mobility foundation. Combine manned and unmanned operations to simply introduce more automation to daily operations. Build and link workflows that ensure securely distributed automation across business, manufacturers, and human-robot boundaries.

Continuously Scale Automation

Smart Logistics

Streamline logistics with digital auditing and disparate fleet optimization for dispatch, scheduling, and routing in freight, last mile, and supply chain life cycles.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

Automate urban service provisioning and routine work to reduce cost and mitigate risk. Support public connectivity and interaction with urban infrastructure, bringing commerce to the metaverse.

Smart Ports

Smart Ports

Reduce congestion with end-to-end asset transparency using digital twins and real-time services. Increase vehicle and driver utilization using peer networks and workflow optimization.

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Work cooperatively with systems to increase production yields and reduce environmental impact. Evaluate and transact remote inspection and monitoring data for secure and efficient agricultural management.

The next generation of
inter-robot automation

State machine replication

Vehicle and Fleet Owners, Infrastructure Providers

Secure sovereignty over data and assets. Generate new revenue streams through open tasking and data collection
Real-time services

Drivers, Machine Operators, and Service Individuals

Help people engage in trustless automated ecosystems. Accelerate the adoption of autonomy by providing visibility to humans in-the-loop.
Proof of efficiency

Developers, Researchers, Synthetic Agents/Users

Empower developers to build real-time microservices, and secure workflows driven by replicated consensus. Test, recycle, and deploy to digital and physical environments.

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