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so you can automate.


Above is changing the way businesses securely automate
with their systems, partners and connected devices.

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Sharing Meets Security

Bridge the divide between systems and businesses and secure your data across operations.


Streamline Work Operations

Automate across your partner ecosystem and onboard new technologies.

Continuously Scale Automation

Introduce trusted AI Agents and third party data to accelerate your business.

Secure sovereignty over data

Collaborate Without

Compromising Security

Above is building the next generation of automation with inter-robot communication, and real-time orchestration.

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Supply Chain Automation

Identity and Asset Management

Application Ecosystem

Above delivers an ecosystem of decentralized applications and tools for you and your partners.


Digital Credentials and Account Management System

Workflow Designer

No Code CustomĀ  Workflow Builder


Device Framework Software Development Kit

Patented and Partnered.

Built for scale

Above enables real-time collaboration between systems and businesses, leading to greater efficiency and profitability across complex and automated business operations.

Investors and Accelerators.

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