Secure AI and System Integrations

Above secures your cyber system’s connections and operations using self-sovereign identity and credential management.

Blockchain Protection

Work with Trusted Systems

Work safely with verifiable third parties, AI Agents, or optimization engines.

Real-time Data Spaces

Streamline Integrations

Network with trusted agents and standardized workflows to scale dynamic and interoperable systems.

Secure sovereignty over data

Scale for Connected Ecosystems

Onboard connected systems, vehicles, and AI Agents into business operations.

A Unified Identity Management System.

A secure and privacy-protecting identity management solution, leading to greater trust and reduced risk of identity theft and fraud

Businesses rely on digital identities to secure the access controls process across internal and external people and systems. 

Above provides a sovereign layer for your credential management, and secure verification of your business’ identity management, enabling real-time communication and coordination across assets and digital identities.

Real-time, distributed services

Work Alongside Trustworthy AI Agents

AI Agents can consolidate data from many sources, then turn around and make meaningful decisions for our businesses and daily lives. It is paramount to ensure trust of these systems and the sources of their data if we are to integrate them into our decision making.

Use Cases

Collaborative Optimization

Secure Human-Robot Interaction


Verifiable Data Sources

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