Future-proof your Fleet with Above

Above connects operations without up-front costs, and unlocks transparency by securing data exchange and connectivity across assets.

Blockchain Protection


Collect and analyze data across fleets.

Real-time Data Spaces


Predict real-time alerts and mitigate risks.

Secure sovereignty over data


Optimize fleet efficiency with automated operations.

More than Fleet Management

Bridge the divide between systems and businesses with real-time collaboration.

Above’s fleet solutions enable real-time communication and coordination between fleet managers and drivers, ultimately leading to greater efficiency and profitability.

Reduce the barrier to entry for automation without significant upfront investment in infrastructure and skill.

Real-time, distributed services

Connect Vehicle Data to Operations.

As vehicles become more connected and capable, their data is vital in maintaining verifiable operations and status. Above combines multiple perspectives of your data and assets to give you a full and clear view into your operations.

Extend this visibility beyond any one fleet to include operations for multiple stakeholders and backend systems.

Use Cases

GPS Verifications

Autonomous Vehicle Integration

Third Party ETAs

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